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  • Idea Tailors just completed my new page followthefox.org for the Kern Innovation & Technology Community! They have been extremely helpful in setting up my marketing funnel to the website and making my Facebook ads so much better. Vanni was always available for any random question about the process I had. He explained it in a way even a non-programmer could understand. Thank you Idea Tailors!!!

    Alyssa Haerle
    Alyssa Haerle Founder of Kern Innovation and Technology Community
  • Vanni is an incredibly passionate, driven person who strives for nothing but the best in his work. He has taught me a great many lessons when it comes to copywriting and sales which continue to help me at my own job on a daily basis. He understands what he's talking about and how to influence others through text and advertising

    Thomas Espinoza
    Thomas Espinoza CEO of PDL Enterprises
  • I was getting freaked out by high volumes of work and inconsistency in my actions… Through consulting with IdeaTailors I have gotten significant results in how I run my business.

    Daniel Doan
    Daniel Doan CEO of Black Shell Media
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