Warning: Don’t read if you seek the generic, average or, mundane.

This may sound weird but…

Is it possible for $12 to increase the value of an average suit?

Continue reading to find out how it’s done each and every day.

The story begins with two types of suit shoppers.

Each one can have the same type of material and cut for their choice of a suit.

For the first suit:

It made to fit as many people as possible. You pick out your measurements. 32 Long for example. Try it on to make sure it’s “acceptable”. Purchase and take it home.

It hangs over your body when you were it. It feels more like a tent instead of a piece of your wardrobe that fits your body.

On your body the shoulders could be too wide or too short. The sleeves could be several inches past the tip of the thumb. It is as if you are in someone else’s clothes.

It feels like you are wearing borrowed clothes even though you picked the closest measurements to your size.

The second suit was taken to a tailor after the purchase. The suit pants can be tightened up or relaxed. The length of the sleeves or pants can be adjusted for your perfect length. The suit fits you. Exactly how it was meant to be.

Even with a generic suit a tailor with a few white marks and a couple hours of work can transform it into a fitted piece of clothing.

It impacts others.

Others view you as someone who takes care of themselves

You are never told you are not dressed up enough.

This is the feeling that everyone has when they have a suit tailored to fit them. It fits like a glove. People notice you.

All with a small $12 investment to the right person.

In marketing, it’s not enough to show up and “look pretty”.

Your business cannot thrive on looks, hype, or empty promises.

To be powerful your business needs that a big idea.

“The Big Idea”

A big idea is a concept. It is a powerful force in marketing. It is easy to understand. It pulls the ideal customer in.

Stansberry Research “railroad” letter — The use of a new railroad being built across America. The ones who knew and acted were getting rich.

Apple “Think Different” — The idea of the type of person who used Apple products

Ogilvy’s “The Man in the Hathaway Shirt” — The intrigue of the person in that particular shirt.

We have combined these two ideas of crafting powerful messages and tailoring them for our clients.

The ideas are never generic. They are not one size fits all.

They are carefully measured. Painstakingly tested against the market.

so that…

Our clients have marketing that last longer than a loophole or hack. The tactics and technology will constantly change. But what hasn’t changed are the marketing principles that have worked and continue to work since before the time of David Ogilvy.

Vanni Banducci
Founder of Idea Tailors

Vanni Banducci

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