How to create a simple and useful customer profile

You have an average of 3 seconds before a new website visitor decided to stay on your website a little bit longer or hit the back button.

There isn’t much you can do within that time. It is important how you use it.

Taking a look at your website right now. Can you answer this question: “Could I be your customer?” If it is a yes, you should feel you are in the right place. If it is a “Maybe” then You should be compelled to explore a little more. If it is a definite no or a confused visitor, they will hit the back button faster than you can say “gone!”

You may have a good product or service. It could be exactly what the potential customer needs. However, if they are confused or unsure if they are in the right place, they will go back to where they came. Back to the shadow realm from whence they came!

Here are a few ways you can fix your website if it is confusing your ideal customer

Specifically Call Out Your Customer

The number one reason why someone might be confused is you aren’t calling out your customer. This comes from wanting to sell to everyone. You are in fact confused on who your customer is. If you are unclear on who your best customer is.

To fix this look at what you know about your customers right now. Do you tend to sell to a special market, demographic, or niche? You may be focusing on too big of a portion of the market. When you are too broad you can sacrifice attention.

In today’s business landscape attention is oxygen

Match your brand with your customer

Branding is a large topic. To put it short, your brand needs to match your customer profile. If you are trying to service a large portion of the market your branding could be lost in the void.

There is a lot of noise in the marketplace. When you are able to call out your customer and match the branding to that customer profile you will get the attention of your customer. Attention is oxygen. If you don’t have the attention of your potential customer, you won’t have the opportunity to sell them your product or service.

What’s the first step?

Often another misstep is having too many options on your home page. You should make it clear what you want the visitor to do on your home page. Do you want them to download a report? Visit one of your social media pages? Read some of your articles? Go to your about page to learn more about what you do and how you can help them?

It’s common to put too much onto a single page because… you have that average of 3 seconds. It’s a major mistake to do that. By making the first step easy and clear you are helping your prospect because they don’t have to figure it out for themselves.


Building a customer profile is an important and often overlooked portion of marketing. I’ve put together a series of questions for you to look at and answer to get a basic assessment of what your customer profile is.

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