Interview with Elaine Edelson

Elaine Edelson, one of the country’s foremost and renowned intuitive channels, empaths, and astrologers. She’s a spiritual counselor with a world wide clientele and audience spanning 70 countries. Elaine is also the author of the highly acclaimed Minutes to Manifesting, which she now uses in her Bodhi System, Intuitive Mastery Mentoring Program. As an energy worker with certification in applied Kinesiology, Elaine has counseled internationally acclaimed authors and nationally renowned motivational speakers.

Can't Miss Moments

  • How Snow White could have avoided eating the poisoned apple given to her by the evil queen— Do this exercise at home to test your own produce
  • Why sometimes feeling crazy can be a doorway into who you really are. Hear what Elaine’s rules are to tell if you have the gift.
  • Be aware how you get your intuitive information. Remember the last time you had a bad feeling and you ignored it? Discover how you can fix it— BEST PART is how even 11 year olds can play this simple game to help them fine tune their intuition.
  1.  What does it mean to be an energy worker with applied Kinesiology?
  2. What is muscle testing?
  3. When they were doing this exercise were they, when they pushed down on their arms, doing it in the same places?
  4. Talk a little bit about how you identify something wrong with a client. How do you get someone from identification to a resolved state?
  5. Were there any specific events throughout your life that you became aware that you’re gifted at being intuitive? Was there anything as you were growing up and your young adult life that looking back were key moments for your discovery of your gift?
  6. Could you share the difference in when you didn’t trust your intuition and when you started to?
  7. Are you working on a young adult series that is based on the metaphysics of Harry Potter School of Magic?
  8. Question of the Day: For someone who might be an empath but doesn’t know what to do with the input they are getting, what advice would you give them?

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