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Welcome to our Resources page! The recommendations on this page are for products and services we trust. Enjoy!

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Copywriting Products

Swipe Vault – Our successes today are the result of standing on the shoulders of giants. You can either take years to figure out what works in copy with each situation you encounter OR you could get the blueprints and swipe files for yourself.

Website Hosting

Bluehost – We use bluehost for our hosting.

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Idea Tailors – of course

Ben Settle – Not for those who are offended easily. When you break through the shock you will see the pure genius of Mr. Settle.

Copy Chief – One of the few communities we are active in. It is a forum full of copywriters and business owner with various skill levels and experience.

KopyKourse – Ran by Neville Medhora. Known for using simple wording to cut to the chase.

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