A Single Crystal Clear Message Is Not Enough

Curious as to how a website can be exactly what someone is looking for yet lose them because they are using the same message with no customization.

It happens often especially with small businesses that aren’t able to spend much time with customization.

What would happen if you broke that message down to its core what would it look like?

You’d say it is how you communicate what your business does and channel it with your ideal prospect desires.

Most businesses that don’t communicate well. often leaving their prospect confused on what they do and how it aligns with the customer. They are so focused on their sales figures. They forget the customer view what they do from the customer’s shoes.

Eventually, through trial and error, a unified message is assembled. Often with the help of a consultant. But there is still an issue. Not every customer is the same.

There are some customers that are in a slow lane. They are more interested in lower priced option first before going up the value ladder. They want to wined and dined before making any big commitments. There are also customers in various verticals. There are customers within the same vertical but have different pain points.

Now You have a choice…

Use that same unifying message to every customer knowing that they are in fact different.

Let’s step back before we get too deep into customization of your marketing.

  • Why would your customer want a specific message based on their situation?
  • Would you like to have a message based on your own situation?
  • Would you pay more attention to the message that sounds exactly like your situation?

If you are like most consumers, no matter the product or service, you want to be treated special. Even if you are just another name and number in the pipeline, you still want to feel special.

Now, do your own customers deserve the same level of customization as you would want if you were in their shoes.

Let’s try an experiment, it won’t take much time and you don’t even have to change your current marketing. Let’s find out where you could add some customization.

Go to your website.

Find where you could get on your email list or contact you.

Is there a way for you to customize the experience from that first entry point?

Having them call you has limited customization. Let’s focus on being added to your email list. Often you will have a lead magnet or a free report in exchange for an email.

Right now they may be added to a list. Each new subscriber is uniform and they get the same experience no matter what. What if you added a question that asked them what their #1 struggle in relation to the solution you solve? Select A, B, C.

A, B, C are segments that you have identified.

How much warmer would that lead be if they 1) knew they were in the right place because you asked which one of these most common situations they are in. 2) Know what type of customer they are when they first enter your pipeline

Your single clear message across everyone turns into a clear message for each segment.

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